Z Phone Banking

Our campaign's most critical need is growing a dedicated team of phone bankers that will help us reach every voter. With the pandemic restricting our ability to go door-to-door, phone banks are our most effective method of voter contact. Sign up for a phone bank below and help us create an Alameda that is more inclusive, affordable, and livable. Thanks!

For camaraderie and assistance to each of us, we will have at least one Knowledge Ambassador available on our Zoom meeting during the Z Phone Banking sessions. Our CallHub technician will set up your account on the backend and then you will receive an email from CallHub welcoming you.
For information and inspiration about the efficacy of phone banking, enjoy this article from VOX: The pandemic is forcing Democrats to ask: How important is door-knocking, anyway?

Thank you for joining Z Phone Banking! 

Your next step is to select your shifts when you'd like to start.
We will add you to the calendar invite for that day or days.

Let's get your shifts selected!

Please go to: https://www.yesonmeasurez.com/phonebanking



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