Why Vote Yes on Z?

For decades, the short-sighted and exclusionary zoning codes of the City Charter’s Article 26 have trampled our capacity to make housing more affordable, accessible, and inclusive. 

Article 26, commonly known as Measure A, forces people working at local Alameda businesses to commute into our City, instead of making a life as our neighbors, colleagues, and friends.

There are many reasons to vote YES on Z. Here are five:

YES on Z will help the City of Alameda address the housing affordability crisis.

Under our existing exclusionary zoning law, the City of Alameda is incapable of achieving our affordable housing goals. YES on Z gives the City Council the ability to support more affordable housing.

YES on Z will help the City of Alameda rise up for racial justice.

Article 26 is a relic of racist land-use and discriminatory housing policies that have denied the dream of homeownership to families who deserved better from our City. 2020 is the year we vote for inclusion.

YES on Z will demonstrate climate leadership in the City of Alameda.

Housing near transit, accessible to commercial corridors, helps people live, work, and unwind in our City, helping people drive less while supporting our local small businesses. YES on Z makes that possible. 

YES on Z is necessary for the City of Alameda to comply with state law.

State law requires our City to meet mandatory regional housing benchmarks, especially affordable. Article 26 will eventually be challenged in the courts if it’s not repealed, at taxpayer expense.

YES on Z will NOT affect the City of Alameda’s historic architecture or raise taxes.

Existing homes, including our many beautiful Victorians, are unaffected by YES on Z. While repealing Article 26 could eventually bring in new revenue to our City, it is in no way a new tax or fee.