Does Article 26 contribute to the climate crisis?


Yes! The transportation sector is the single biggest source of greenhouse emissions, contributing 40% of emissions in California. Car-centered suburban sprawl and long commute times are a major factor. It’s best for the environment if people live near where they work and if they are able to maintain a lifestyle where the primary modes of transportation are walking, biking, and/or public transit. By repealing Article 26, we can build new, more affordable housing, located in parts of Alameda that have good transit. Housing can also be located near safe configurations for pedestrians and bicyclists and major commercial corridors. By prohibiting multi-family housing, Article 26 forces the development of the kinds of homes that contribute most to climate change. The City of Alameda Climate Action and Resiliency Plan (CARP), published in 2019, specifically identifies multi-family housing near transit as the key strategy necessary to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT).