Vote Yes on Z to repeal Article 26. The time is NOW to live up to Alameda values.

In Alameda, we take pride in being an inclusive and welcoming city. We say everyone belongs here, and we mean it.

Yet for decades, our City has tolerated the intolerable: a zoning law called Article 26 that severely constricts our ability to provide homes that are affordable. Article 26, commonly known as Measure A, limits housing construction to expensive single-family homes, forcing families, young professionals, retirees, and essential workers out of our great City. Sad to say, it was written in part to keep people of color out of Alameda.

Existing homes, including our many beautiful and historic Victorians, are unaffected by repealing Article 26. This election is about a better future by righting historic wrongs.

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Watch the Measure Z roundtable with Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Vice Mayor John Knox White, and local housing historian Rasheed Shabazz:

Join affordable housing advocates, business leaders, the faith community, and those who stand up with equity and inclusion in our City by voting YES on Z.